SETH RICH. @ev @jack @biz, Wake Up.

I'm not a fan of conspiracy theories; I rely on facts, and even then, when facts are reported by multiple sources. When I posted the above picture as a Tweet about Seth Rich on Twitter August 12, 2016, with the hashtag #sethrich and #youthday (which it happened to be) the last thing on my mind was that Twitter would censor my post. Yet, on August 13th, I was scrolling through the hashtags of #sethrich to see if there was a break in the case, I noticed my post was gone, vanished from the feed. Thanks to @ev @jack @biz, we now have a social media that is like what we thought Russia's to be like in the 60s. The folks I know who watch mainstream news never heard of Seth Rich. We all need to kno

Dear Katy Perry, Why I am Voting for Trump and You Should Too

Katy Perry Dear Katy, So wonderful seeing you perform at the Democratic Convention! You are such a beautiful and talented young woman. I recall meeting a family friend of yours at a ladies group who remarked she knew you from an early age, and you were a natural born singer and performer. What a blessing to know what you enjoy, what you are good at, and what you want to do. Cheers! :) As you mentioned at the Democratic Convention, you did not graduate from high school, thereby having a limited educational background. I’m here to fill in some blanks for you; I graduated from UCSB a long time ago, and have been studying ever since the nature of the world and why things are the way they are. T