Intuitively we all know corporations are presently doing us no good. Supreme Court rulings allowing corporations to claim Personhood are troubling. How do we ween ourselves away from not just these, but many of the brands we have come to know as comfort food or comfort brands? Well, I have decided to give up supporting these corporations and others as much as possible. If just as many as 6-10% of people do the same thing, we will have a real impact on our world. Welcome to the new exploration of Farmer's Markets, off brands for gas, food, clothing; everything. I hope you join me.

Hopeful for a Trump Victory.

Many of us care deeply about our Government, Health Care, Educational System, and yes, our Entertainment. Yet another weekend I'd love to go to the movies yet there is nothing to see in my estimation that is not violent or stupid. The last movie I saw was "SNOWDEN". I am praying that with the election of Mr. Trump, we will return to a kinder, more gentler nation. The Trump win will open the door for us to take back our country and our world on so many levels. Yes, I am disturbed about Trump's plan to build the keystone pipeline, yet I am hopeful as President he will come to know the many alternative energy sources and technologies available to us that do not require pillaging the earth. Yes,