State of the Art World

I look to see what is going on in Los Angeles and elsewhere in the current art world. New at the Hammer Museum, "Radical Women, Latin American Art 1960-1985." The picture for the show is literally the face of a woman with "Limitada" on her forehead. "Limitada" in Spanish means, Limited, possessed, of little talent. Why would anyone put that on their forehead and call it art? I know, you may say in her current circumstances at the time she felt limited, yet is not that just enforcing the theme of limited, untalented, female artists? Why are we highlighting this? Yes, I contacted the Hammer Museum Director for assistance to put together an art proposal for my work and got a "no". They know gr

The Death of a Friend. The Failure of Obamacare.

My friend Mark Andrews died July 21, 2017. He was an "off the grid" type of person. He would insist we leave our cell phones in the car while we talked over lunch. I first met him when he came to the protest I created to Save Ahmanson Ranch outside of the Ventura County Board of Supervisors hearing room. We trucked in boxes from Patagonia in downtown Ventura to represent the 10,000 oak trees that would have been lost. At least it was a visual victory, and little would we know, with the hearing room stacked with suits wanting their economic project, we won. Yes, and too bad you can't search the L.A. Times or the News Chronicle for articles and pictures printed about that event, and the histo