Three Days of Darkness

We may undergo a time of cleansing and purging.

Catholic mystics have foretold of three days of Darkness.

The moon has not been seen by anyone for a week, so we may be getting very close.

When it starts, do not go outside. 

Light a Holy Candle.

Say the Rosary.

We will get through this together.

Much Love 💜

Corona Dawn

March 20, 2020


    Where Most of Us are Going

     We had no way of Knowing

     Our Courage and Resolve

      Is what we Have

      Like a badge of Honor 

      On this Down North Realm

      I Awoke from a deep sleep

      With a Sense of Confidence

       Our Mission has/is /was/ 

       Will be Fulfilled

      Glory to God for this Gift

     A New Sense of Love

     Brotherhood & Sisterhood


      Connecting All Life 

      Great and Small

      My Wish is to Assist

      Everyone in getting up to Speed

      On the lies that have

      Rendered Us Incredible

      From vast Contraction to Now

       Ever Expanding Truth

       So if You are Confused

       Take it Slow

       We are All Here for You.

        Peace & Blessings to All.