GREENQUEEN art is for the world and collectors with discriminating taste furnishing museum settings, structural expressionism, deconstructivism, or brutalism architectural places. Defining spaces, bringing life and a true sense of meaning and connection to a very small world.


Enjoy higher consciousness art, feeling a connection with the earth, each other, all species; the love of All. We have incredible lives that truly escorts a new level of awareness, freedom, peace, and joy in our world.


    So much of what I do is in the non-physical world, sending Love, Peace and Blessings your way.





Love, & Infinite Blessings to You, Now & Always!

For my friends, enemies and compadres; I Love You ~ You are a miracle! Every breath you take is a grace of God! Look and see the beauty you are! Can you imagine such awe inspiring life gifted to you? God Loves us ever so presently, and so much more than I ever could or would. How crazy is that?

     Who can you be today to celebrate that love of you? Maybe it's as simple as allowing the love of God to speak to you, in a quiet and secret knowing of the child of God you are. Maybe it's a letting go to be present now, and letting go of thoughts, ideas and influences that do not serve you. How can you be such a fine spirit of God essence you inspire the world with your highest joy, and allow God to inspire you again and again? How can we celebrate this love together which is so rich and fulfilling?

     Hi there, I am the artist known as GREEN QUEEN. Thank you for being here. My Activational Art have new and fresh open possibilities you may be looking for today, and make a statement about the world we are to gift the future.



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