Why Green Queen Now and Forever

        Environmental and Social awareness play starring roles in the emerging world we are co-creating. Green Queen Art equates advancements in consciousness, and heralds the hope, joy, and certainty of a world growing in the knowing we are all expanding in awareness and love.  The astute collector chooses investment art that will matter to future generations. Our children care about our natural world, and will live in a world clean, heathy, and free.

      History will look upon the people who contributed to this change, and Green Queen will be a piece of that miraculous mosaic. Our world is our most precious resource. Artists that put this life force first, and has a positive vision of the future will be recognized by future generations as the co-creators of the positive world outcome.

      Fine Art is food for the soul, delights the mind, and remains timeless and tangible. Why will Green Queen Art hold and increase in value? Green Queen Art is Now and Future art. Higher Consciousness Activational Art feels good, looks good, and more importantly contributes to a joyous life for those who possess it. Holding a vision of what is possible and opening up to those good feeling possibilities, through it all, is what Green Queen art is all about; timeless, thoughtful, beautiful works that have a presence, resonance and style unmistakable. Art alive with the joy and consciousness in which it was created. Living, new, and positive art happy to grace walls heralding fresh energy, joy, and freedom into any living space. The paintings are energetic symbols of inner knowing of great love and personal freedom.                       

        Green Queen is defined by the intensity of conscious creation.  The paintings emanate life and love rather than being a slave to materialism or art itself.  The vibrational quality and presence of the art is palpable. Green Queen art inspires love, beauty, and intelligence in our world. This is the wave of the future. Peace and Blessings to You now and Always :)

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