Green Queen Videos



Music by Green Day "She's a Rebel"Basic messaging of moving from a Partiarchal to Matriarchal society, getting Fluoride out of our drinking water, Force Sale of the Federal Reserve, and prosecuting our war criminals still free in our society ~ and of course ~ saving our Environment, and forming a Council of All Beings treating all species with respect. For those wanting the messaging in the video, Green Queen - Divine and Prosper ~"Get Fluoride Out of Our Drinking Water ~ It's toxic when you drink it", "Keep America Free (In God We Trust) Force Sale of the Federal Reserve", and "Justice Prevails - Feds Tried for War Crimes". "Fear is Feeling Excited and Ready", "Draw from me, Drink from me, Take Strength in Me, For I am Thee and We are Love that twirls in the Celestial Twilight Sparks at Night", and "The Queen Bee does not decide what the colony needs to do. Instead, each colony member does his or her own bee thing, and out of thousands of interactions, a collective decision emerges." The paintings are all original Green Queen with the exception of two hand paintings by "King" a male Western Lowland Gorilla who lives at Monkey Jungle in Miami, Florida. :)  You Are Loved and I Love You :) Since the making of this video, one of Green Queen prime concerns is questioning and perfecting geoengineering.