Artists are the Truth Tellers and Way Showers
of the Future :)

Educational Resources

                 The Ultimate Truth is oneness with our creator, so there is expectancy Good will Triumph . If you are not experiencing a blessed & graceful life, it is wise to go within and seek that blessing in your own heart with gratitude. Dr. Joe Dispenza shares information how our thoughts as wave forms affect our physical health and reality. An important factor to health is keeping hopeful.   The easiest form of mind control is anxiety, worry, or fear, so I will be content, celebrate the good, and be at peace, and I hope you will, to.

              That being said, currently there are forces on our earth that do not have the earth or any life on the earths best interests at heart. This has the potential to change for the better rapidly with the Trump Presidency, yet it is up to us to keep engaged with our world and keep our leaders accountable.  These negative and minority "powers", are currently doing all they can to kill off our planet and damage and destroy us as a people.  We can no longer live in ignorance of the facts that GMO foods, fluoride, vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs, and geoengineering are killing the earth and her people. Atmospheric weaponry is being used called HAARP, Ionospheric Heaters, and Geoengineering.  They have control of the Media and keep you ininformed of the real issues, and hire trolls to make you feel bad about yourself .

              The Good New is we have dormant and suppressed technology that can solve many of the issues that plague humanity. I think we all intuitively know this. Now it is our time to make sure we clean our planet and our world for future generations.                                                                                                         

​               Whether you believe it or not, there is some interesting and exciting talk regarding the technology that will become available to us. One of the leading thought leaders is Michael Tellinger from South Africa.

                I keep learning new things, and I hope you do too.


Hope abounds, and we can share that hope and believe in the possibility of miracles together. there are many ways to improve. Unfortunate, sorrowful events have taken place at the hands of very troubled people who need our compassion and understanding to learn how they could have been co-opted to be a part of some very cruel behavior. Have you seen the movie "Thrive"? The movie takes one on an informational journey of where we are still currently (I hope not for much longer) regarding our money system and technology,  


and how we all can be a part of making the world a better place.

          One of the first movies I saw that rocked my world was Frank Dorrel's "What I've learned about U.S. Foreign Policy" Parts 1 & 2                           

          The next would be reading the book "Transformation of America" by Cathy O'Brien.    Her book scared me, yet it also made me so grateful for my loving family and every day being such a gift from God.

          Moving right along, the information regarding 9/11 Truth is truly astounding.   Here is just one film on 9/11  on which there are many. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are a great resource and a way to stay connected and involved.

          "What in the World are they Spraying?" is a great movie about the Geoengineering Crisis still ongoing.                              

           This last video sums it up with me playing a stressed out hospital administrator.... Not as elegant as the greenqueen video, but to the point! I hope one day soon there will be no need for me to explain this present now we collectively find ourselves in. It has been an exercise in bravery to share the truth as many of our heroes such as Jullian Assange, Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Seth Rich, and many more of us. These are our current affairs; this is what is current in the art world.    Namaste :)