Dear Katy Perry, Why I am Voting for Trump and You Should Too

Katy Perry

Dear Katy,

So wonderful seeing you perform at the Democratic Convention! You are such a beautiful and talented young woman. I recall meeting a family friend of yours at a ladies group who remarked she knew you from an early age, and you were a natural born singer and performer. What a blessing to know what you enjoy, what you are good at, and what you want to do. Cheers! :)

As you mentioned at the Democratic Convention, you did not graduate from high school, thereby having a limited educational background. I’m here to fill in some blanks for you; I graduated from UCSB a long time ago, and have been studying ever since the nature of the world and why things are the way they are. There is bad news and good news; I will start with the bad and end really, really good; okay?

Humanity is struggling right now with a global leadership who is not acting in our best interest. A powerful, global organization called the Bilderberg Group, who operates outside, yet controls our world governments, have an agenda (“Agenda 21”) to kill off most of the human population. President Eisenhower warned of this group, the “Military Industrial Complex” in his farewell address. With the assassination of James V. Forrestal, the First Secretary of Defense, May 22, 1949, as referenced by William Thompkins testimony, this group has been operating outside public view and outside moral conscience. The Bilderberg Group is aligned with negative extra-terrestrial groups, and have a massive secret space program , “SSP”, the general public knows little or nothing about.

With this knowledge, it is easier to understand the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, candidate for President and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, the 9/11 cover up, and the terror attacks sponsored by this group operating as a secret government, and working through our world governments.

Many people are unaware that our skies are being poisoned and polluted with “Geoengineering”, causing droughts and bad weather across the globe. Many people are unaware of the poisonous fluoride that has been added to the public water system in the United States. Many people are unaware of the new, large arm of this group, the pharmaceutical industry that has a vested interest in keeping our population sick with harmful vaccines. There are also movies to see like VAXXED and TRACE AMOUNTS about this subject. Many people are unaware that the current health insurance program in the United States is in the beginning stages of putting the government between you and your doctor, and eventually making such decisions as when you can no longer work or be a slave to this system, they will encourage you to die. A good resource for this information is the Thrive Movie and Thrive Movement.

This is why the insiders have been quietly trying to take the guns away from the American People, so the entire world will be helpless to their horrible plan.

Our money system as well is a complete hoax, with this power elite group printing or allotting money digits to us they make up out of thin air, and then charge us interest for it.

There is a real Artificial Intelligence “AI” threat as well, which Corey Goode explains, and it’s too long for this letter to explain.

I encourage you to ask HRC about this. She is an insider to all of this information, and held accountable to these strong cartels to carry out this agenda.

Donald J. Trump, however, is not part of this agenda. This is why he can represent us and do some good for our people, and why he has my vote for President.

I promised good, good news and here it is. There is an exciting disclosure movement headed by Corey Goode who knows all about this massive space and technology program. He and others are coming forward soon with massive disclosures regarding technology that can heal our planet, give all people the basic necessities of life with “replicators” (and yes, replicators can make replicators), and offer us the possibility of space travel to destinations in our solar system, galaxy, and beyond. There are powerful and benevolent extra-terrestrials that are coming to our aide and helping us at this critical time. The world, for the first time in maybe thousands of years, has the possibility of healing, and treating every man, woman, and child as the Children of God they are, and treating all species with kindness and respect.

So this is why I am voting for Trump, and I hope you change your mind and vote for him too.

Lots of Love, Blessings, and Grace,


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