Get Ready to Rumble

~~~~Get ready to rumble ~~~

Who are you aligning your soul with? Nothing, no one? Some new age guru? Don’t get me wrong, I love the new age gurus. They reality check us on loving ourselves.

My point being, Jesus the Christ of Nazareth is offering to align with you. It means all the grace and goodness He brought to this earth is yours bestowed by the King of the Universe. It means believing Jesus died for a reason, so you can live in peace, love, grace, wisdom, and the knowledge of God’s love for you. It means telling the truth, that Jesus was, is, and will always be the son of God, and by his sacrifice, made us joint heirs to his eternal glory. He is, was, and will forever be the One to defeat the devil, the great deceiver. He got that title for a reason. The devil is a master deceiver.

It’s funny (not at all) how many people are too prideful to accept the assistance of Christ, or acknowledge a higher power. Some believe Jesus a great saint, sage, holy person, yet do not give him His right title as the Son of God. Through Him, we are made strong, always forgiven, and an heir to his greatness of overcoming this world. He offers great protection, a loving place in heaven, and so much more, all by your faith. Believe God has a plan of goodness and love to prosper your life. He does.

Wake up World. We have been duped royally as slaves to the devil. Who do you think suppresses all our good technology that can heal our planet, and set us free?

We are on the cusp of awakening on so many levels. Can you imagine a world with no need for money, everyone treated well as a Christ Child, all the animals and life treated with reverent respect? Can you imagine a world where it’s just fun to give from your heart, and that is your living? Can you imagine a pristine world of clean air, oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, perfect weather, abundant love and life for all?

This is where we are headed. I’m not saying you won’t be there if you are not a Christian right now. Some Christians are so judgmental, I would not want to be in heaven with them. Obviously, there has been division and fighting outside the guidelines of love. I guess that’s why Jesus held company with the sinners. He came for us. I’m just saying wake up and acknowledge the reality of God’s love for you, and by Faith in Jesus, the son of God, you are freed from bondage. I am no one’s judge, and I mean no body, and no spirit.

Hell is a mental construct where you do not want to be. It was filled to the brim of souls not knowing a right relationship with God, by their own free will at some point. Thankfully, they are leaving on a massive scale in the first coming wave of Christ.

Everything first came from God, and God is unconditionally loving. That is the big secret the powerful, evil people in the world seem to know. They laugh and think they can get away with harming others indefinitely because God loves them. They love it when you fear God, fear them, fear whatever because they have always considered themselves untouchable. For thousands of years, they believed they could lord over us indefinitely and rule us; genentic us to be their perfect little slaves. Well, they can’t anymore. It’s all coming to an end. In a loving way, we are being separated from they that would do us harm. Souls are getting free and separating from this evil on a massive scale. Thanks to a loving God, our prayers are always listened to, even when you do not think you are being heard, He is listening. I come from a long line of believers in Jesus. Thank God.

I can’t tell you how bad the evil ones hate my guts for telling you this, and all the other truths coming out about our earth, that was never a spinning ball, and all the rest.

Thankfully, God is my constant companion, and my never ending prayers in the presence of their torment has brought me through. God rules, literally and figuratively. Whose side are you on? Don’t take too long to decide.

The demons get addicted to fighting our light, those of us who hold a lot, and that is there demise. They are “caught”, so to speak, in our love. They cannot get out. Like a moth to a flame. Even the demons can decide to love the light, and I always pray they will be a witness of the light and enjoy it rather than attacking it, or stealing it for their own gain to lord over others. They have been so depraved, it’s like the only way they could get attention or something, possibly. Pray for all souls while you still can, before a separation occurs. I pray you are in a good place with God when all this comes down for you. In heaven, there will be no souls screaming for help, and therefore I will not think to pray for you if you get stuck outside of love. I personally pray it does not happen to any soul or spirit. Love always loves, and there is always redeeming grace. I pray for 100% victory into the light.

God desires your love. He loves you so.

If you are reading this, there is a good chance God has been pursuing you for a while and he wants to get through to you. The main way demons yet you is your ego. If you rely on your ego to hold you, baby it’s like an egg that’s gonna crack and do not rely on your persona (which by definition is fleeting anyway) to store your soul. Your ego is left behind. Or, alternatively, demons get you by your own conscience. You always internally “know” if you do something out of alignment with your soul. They feed on your sins, reminding you constantly of times you were not a perfect angel, and take it for all it’s worth, tormenting you. Without the saving Grace of God, and the knowledge God is Love, and He loves you, your stuck.

Brothers and Sisters, wash yourself with the pristine vibration of the blood of Jesus, who died for you, so that you can live, and have life more abundantly. I Love You! Don’t take any of this the wrong way~~~ for what you believe is paramount. Believe in the infinite Love God has for you, and the love Jesus exemplified by paying the ultimate sacrifice. I mean, how inverted everything down here must be if this is, was, and will forever be the remedy for us.

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