The Nature of the Ailing Beast

Our “world” “reality” has been defined by our family, school, media, work, the medical profession, our governments. What if this “reality” was not true? What if the lack and limitation believed by most souls on earth was an illusion, and the reality is we are Children of the Most High God, (whatever your faith, or not) and capable of great miracles?

To learn how deep this rabbit hole goes takes a bit of research and scholarly curiosity. Edward G. Griffin has written some incredible books on the subject, as well as countless others. When you put it all together for yourself, the control the “cabal” (term for the current ruling class that transverses the globe) is astounding. They control the Medical Field, keeping our people in illness and suffering. They control the war machine, or the military industrial complex, warned about by President Eisenhower. They are currently carrying out an Agenda of depopulation, fear, and bullying to get “their way”, which, would result in a massive depopulation of the earth, where “they” would be protected underground while the rest of “us” die and suffer only for “they” to come back to the surface to be slaves to the powers that they believe in.

As I write this, chemtrail geoengineering lines the sky….

First and Foremost, I pray for these individuals who knowingly engage in crimes against humanity. They have been misled and deceived. They call “us” useless eaters. They think their consciousness is somehow superior. They are literally miserable people. They do not hesitate to lie, steal, kill, and commit criminal acts. They often self-inflict suffering onto themselves and others as a way to feel. They are severely depraved of the love so many of us have grown up with and know as our reality. They show themselves in sick and grotesque “entertainment” so prevalent the media. They are stepping up their plans in a fail attempt to win, or self-righteously defend their actions saying they were geoengineering to protect the earth from the sun. Many of us are lobbying for “Full Disclosure” Now. This cabal has been thwarting technology that can heal our planet, making it a literal paradise. They have been hiding alien contact, and we now have the capability to travel the solar system and galaxy. Our new reality will be one of a new generation of love, light, hope, incredible advancements in healing ourselves and the earth, caring for species, and living in more of a Star Trek civilization. We are in a time of great spiritual ascension. Departed souls who have been trapped in “Hell” by the power of Satanic Illusion are waking up and getting out on a massive scale. This “cabal” was feeding off of this energy that is now going to the light of God. The cabal is losing their power by the day; by the minute. Don’t ask me how I know this; it would take volumes to explain my journey of exploration and understanding. The spiritual war has been won. Now we joyfully await the physical manifestation in full faith in the power of our loving God.


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