A Hero's Welcome

The earth is an abundant place. Every fruit tree carries a prolific amount of fruit, and each piece of fruit carries a seed capable to grow into an entirely new tree producing again that much fruit. Why aren't there fruit trees in the cities? Why are we being cut off from the abundance that is rightfully ours?

Many of us already know something is quite wrong with the "controllers" of this world. It would be fair to say most of these "controllers" are feeding off of the suffering of humanity. At every turn, most of us know they are cutting us off from technology that is rightfully ours from the gifts of Nikola Tesla and others. They are attempting to enclose us from the abundant universe like sealing us off in a small part of a honeycomb from rest. They have even stunted our educational system to where it is rapidly becoming just a cruel joke.

What do we do? What actions can we take, or not take, to free us from this psychotic madness? For even the spelling of words will be overhauled to contain the seeds of clarity and greatness. Obviously, we will spurn all elements of anything not pure and truthful. We will trust in the bigger picture of the greatness God has planned for our lives.

First it would be of assistance to differentiate ourselves and see our world as it is, and how it can and will be. We have the technology to control the weather. Sunshine and soft rains over our organic fields of loveliness. We have the technology for free energy for all. We have the technology for free and abundant healthy food for all. We have the technology to provide inspiring housing for all. We have intuitive knowing and a divine path that will lead us all to these exciting and inspiring changes. That is just the basic starting point of ending this psychotic madness we have been inflicted by.

As anyone knows who has flown across America, or any other place, there are vast forests and lands untouched by humans. How can we be overpopulated? This is another cruel joke purported by the controllers. We can get really, really happy and excited about ending this enslavement!

I do not have all the answers, yet together we do. I envision an earth where many of us have the option to lovingly care for animals and plants on vast and beautiful land. This will be a start to our healing and recovery. The journey and joy is within. We can create a world where the wonders and wisdom of this world are shared, and everything is love and loved. Sacred Heart, my love to you, and may you be blessed by every good and joyous element of our real world today, and may we find victory together in beginning a new, vibrant, exciting, wonderous, and joyous place for us all.

*Yes, Wonderous is the Correct Spelling :)

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