Our Governor Jerry Brown Has Been Compromised

I met Jerry Brown at a Rally for the Headwaters Forest. Not formally introduced, but met him there, right after we parked, and my three children, two friends and myself piled out of our sky blue metallic mini-van. We got out and exchanged some greeting; we all were happy and excited to be there. The energy of the gathering was formidable. I will never forget the Big, Big Rainbows that formed on our march, three dimensional rainbows we were walking through contrasted by the police lined up in their swat gear. About 10,000 of us came to the sacred place of Headwaters Forest to say "We Care". Stop cutting down our sacred trees. I want to thank the organizers and people of Headwaters for feeding us and taking such good care of us all for donations.

Back to the subject, dear Governor Brown, and I mean that sincerely. I know you are a good person. I guess I will always know you by your love of Gregorian chants and your Linda Ronstadt days; of course I'm dating myself.

Here we are in the present time on the brink of the next mass extinction and I wonder, where are you? Why in our world are you allowing geoengineering to ruin our California crops, health, and economy? Why have you condoned Euthanasia when you know it's part of a more sinister plot to devalue the miraculous gift of life and love we have for each other? Why did you endorse Hillary Clinton when you called Bill and Hill the Bonnie and Clyde of politics? Has she changed? Have you changed? Are you scared of something? All I know here in California the radiation is off the chart, you are allowing geoengineering; the spraying toxic chemicals in the sky.

You just mandated vaccines that are completely unregulated and contain harmful toxins for children. You are allowing Fluoride in our water. These criminals have you wrapped around their finger. We know now on the larger front, 9/11 was a false flag event browbeating the American People into surveillance and war. All these things I have written you personally about. You must know the current cartel running the show is anti-life, anti-love, anti-upper crust inhabitants of this earth. Do you have your bunkers all set? Well what about the rest of us?

Please respond.

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