SETH RICH. @ev @jack @biz, Wake Up.

I'm not a fan of conspiracy theories; I rely on facts, and even then, when facts are reported by multiple sources. When I posted the above picture as a Tweet about Seth Rich on Twitter August 12, 2016, with the hashtag #sethrich and #youthday (which it happened to be) the last thing on my mind was that Twitter would censor my post.

Yet, on August 13th, I was scrolling through the hashtags of #sethrich to see if there was a break in the case, I noticed my post was gone, vanished from the feed. Thanks to @ev @jack @biz, we now have a social media that is like what we thought Russia's to be like in the 60s.

The folks I know who watch mainstream news never heard of Seth Rich. We all need to know about Seth Rich. He was a 27 year old staffer at the DNC who was gunned down walking home in the early morning hours of July 10, 2016. His money, wallet, phone, and wrist watch were still on him when he was found shot in the back twice in an otherwise quiet neighborhood, where crime like this never happens, according to one resident who lived there for 60 years.

Why is there a blackout about Seth Rich? Was he the leak at the DNC? Wikileaks founder Julian Assange posted a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the assailants. Thank God, because I happened to read about that in a publication from France, or I would have never known about Seth Rich either.

Seth Rich is worth knowing. Seth Rich is worth talking about. Seth Rich is certainly worth spending resources to find those responsible for his death.

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