Hopeful for a Trump Victory.

Many of us care deeply about our Government, Health Care, Educational System, and yes, our Entertainment. Yet another weekend I'd love to go to the movies yet there is nothing to see in my estimation that is not violent or stupid. The last movie I saw was "SNOWDEN". I am praying that with the election of Mr. Trump, we will return to a kinder, more gentler nation. The Trump win will open the door for us to take back our country and our world on so many levels. Yes, I am disturbed about Trump's plan to build the keystone pipeline, yet I am hopeful as President he will come to know the many alternative energy sources and technologies available to us that do not require pillaging the earth.

Yes, some of us have more riding on the Trump Victory than others. I know in my own sphere of influence, it has been downright frightening being a person of consciousness telling the truth. We cannot allow the dark forces to bully us any longer. The truth is we are infinitely loved, safe, heard, blessed; all of those wonderful feelings we should feel right now, as God is in complete control and cares for us.

In time, I hope that the pharmaceutical industry is taken on for what they have done, and are continuing to try and do. I am hopeful there will be exposure and elimination of harmful vaccines we are subjecting our infants to. It is painful to see so many babies and children look like they have downs syndrome, or are "not quite right". The information in the movie "VAXXED", "TRACE AMOUNTS", and accounts of so many brave people are coming forward tell the truth about vaccines. We should listen. Every parent should study closely the facts available and explore the best possible options for their child. It is surprising to me how many doctors knowingly and willingly carry out this practice for the American Medical Association without question.

In time, hopefully soon, we will realize that most of us have been played in a horrible charade. We will know there is technology to feed and take care of our population, heal our planet, explore space, and yes, we have had this technology all along. We will realize the rulers of this planet had acted out of selfishness and hatred for people rather than love. I know many of us are slow to stop and think how we ourselves are effecting life on earth, and the other species on our planet. If only we collectively would stop participating in factory farming and other hurtful and harmful practices. With the use of replicators to simulate meat and other foods, we should not have a difficult time transitioning to a society that honors and protects all species right to a happy and peaceful life. I know this blog post has been a bit of a random rant, yet I am happy to feel better and well enough to post. I am still learning how to sit with my emotions rather than take them on. The news of Seth Rich's death and other horrible truths that are coming to light are hard to bear.

God Bless Us All. I now thank all the beings that contribute to our beautiful life here on earth. We are learning the sun and planets are beings, too. Our galaxy is a being. God is miraculous and magical. Approaching every day with God's grace and childlike wonder gives us all breathe and reverence for life.

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