Why #SethRich ? Why do we care so much?

Why draw the line in the sand with Seth Rich? Why make a hero of a young, idealistic man who thankfully tipped the scales and won the election for Trump? Simply because we will not have any more of our people, our youth, be disappeared or murdered by the hands of the waning global power structure.

Those of us who have been in this fight for a long time; since we realized 9/11 was no act of a small band of terrorists with boxcutters, know of the dangers of being a truth-teller. You should not go out at night and stay out past 1 am. You should know the character of your friends and those you associate with. You should at all costs keep your wits about you and don't do anything stupid. That means keeping clean, coherent, in line, awake, and alert. That means keeping aligned with the part of God in you that knows all, sees all, loves all, and has the highest sense of truth.

How I wish we could be a greater support to one another during this time. The reality is we are in a leaderless movement of truth with shifting sands and shifting tides. We are all the leaders of our own world view and our own reality. How important it is to take yourself seriously, and know you are deeply loved.

The truth is coming out. Be open-minded and prepared for the truth being stranger than fiction. Above all, do not dwell on the abhorrent. Dwell on the good in all of us and everything.

I Love You! Be well. May our children's children look back on this historic time and realize the heroes that changed history.

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