The Earth is Flat.

I really like the simple way Eric Dubay goes about explaining the flat earth. I am not sure I am going to talk about it much more. People get so defensive, and if it were true, it implicates a massive cover up on some people's part to keep us in the dark about the cosmology of the planet.

I thought the cover up of the demolition of Building 7 and the Twin Towers on 9/11 was the biggest lie I would ever encounter in my life. This trumps all the lies we have ever been told.

Some of my friends say "what does it matter?" To them I say it matters to me. The truth of the flat earth changes the way I think of the earth, how I think about the solar system, and how I pray. Most importantly, it puts us in the center of our universe. Immediately we all become significant and connected. Immediately it implies we have a creator.

From 9/11, to the Geoengineering, to the Fluoridating of our water, to the harmful Vaccines, to the over reaching pharmaceutical industry, to harmful GMO foods, it all becomes clear we have an enemy. That enemy is ignorance, and that enemy is also undefined people-wise, and quite financially powerful. Why are we being kept in the dark about the very nature of the cosmos? Surely they know, and have done nothing to inform us of the truth. I hope this truth will come to all people within my lifetime.

I hope we can all understand the outdated reasoning that lead to the lies and mass cover up as something so basic as the shape of the earth, and nature of the sun and moon circling the earth. I hope we can put to rest Newton's laws that do not make any sense about "gravity", magic "gravity" keeping water on a spinning ball (the earth) as it careens through space. At the very least, some scientist should be able to duplicate the schumann resonance and make a model of our earth, spinning with water sticking to it, in all it's glory. I just don't see that happening. We have been fed a huge lie and it's time to tell the truth.

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