Stepping back and Pressing On

Yes, it's summertime! Although tasks to accomplish it's time to be nurtured in the great outdoors. This hike to near Mt. Ranier was absolutely gorgeous last week. As I prepare for a trip to the High Sierras, I am reminded to pause and reflect on what has been accomplished, and celebrate that we are on the right track to a positive and peaceful future.

Thankfully, I feel happy, at peace, and confident mankind is creating a new stability. That stability is not in the outside world, rather, in ourselves. Our heart is what is leading this revolution, if you could call it that, created with the love we have for each other, the planet, and all species. We are truly creating a future of cooperation rather than that of competition on an individual and global scale. I could not be more pleased with the progress. Many of us tuning in to our own intuition, and allowing that to be the guiding force of our divine actions.

Clarity of mind, and being impeccable with my word seems to be the overarching theme of the week. When I return, I will be updating the education page on my website because everything has changed for me yet again, and it is important to share our truth with each other. Thank you for being you! Have a great summer. Peace and Blessings :)

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