The Death of a Friend. The Failure of Obamacare.

My friend Mark Andrews died July 21, 2017. He was an "off the grid" type of person. He would insist we leave our cell phones in the car while we talked over lunch. I first met him when he came to the protest I created to Save Ahmanson Ranch outside of the Ventura County Board of Supervisors hearing room. We trucked in boxes from Patagonia in downtown Ventura to represent the 10,000 oak trees that would have been lost. At least it was a visual victory, and little would we know, with the hearing room stacked with suits wanting their economic project, we won. Yes, and too bad you can't search the L.A. Times or the News Chronicle for articles and pictures printed about that event, and the historical fight of all of us to save Ahmanson Ranch and the Ballona Wetlands. The powers that be seem to have taken them off the Internet search, like so much "censoring" going on right now; but I digress...

Mark was working in a book entitled "The Real Garden of Eden, The Fall of Humanity and the Beginning of Civilization: How the Selectively Cultivated Edible Jungle was Los in Antiquity." I don't like paraphrasing, but if I had to read one theme into the book, it would be getting back to the land and growing your own food, or knowing the people that grow it.

Mark got some type of throat cancer he thought was created by a root canal, where they did not remove something that was causing infection and bacteria. He was a very healthy person, eating right, exercising, (got the mercury metal out of his mouth we all got as kids). Apparently he could not get a handle on this one issue, and it took control. He had Kaiser insurance during this whole thing that he commented it was very bad, and I think he transferred to another policy with another company that did not help either.

Thank God if you have not had to use "Obamacare". What we have seen is a medical system incorporated with the Deep State. Mark was not a great money-making tax-paying risk, so they let him die. Even though the cancer was isolated to this one area, they offered nothing but drugs and hospice.

In retrospect, I too blame the hospice movement for the horrible last days of my father. He always loved drinking water, and I think he could have peacefully left this earth hydrated and feeling good until his last days. Instead, we were instructed to give him no water, which he could have easily taken when he first got home from the hospital. You decide, but never again will I take their guidance.

How many people have died in this way, with unnecessary suffering? The powers that be see suffering as a big joke. What will it take for Congress and the Senate to abolish this barbaric Obamacare System?

Here is a shout-out to all my liberal friends. I too, have always been on the side of the earth, people, humanity, yet I always do my research and support the good when I find the good. It is apparently very vogue for liberals to dislike the President and quote the Washington post. Wake up to the lies you have been spoon fed and start thinking for yourself. One of my friends thought I was joking when I said I was happy Trump was President. Why, he asked? For starters, he negotiated peace in Syria and the U.S.A. is no longer operating covertly in that country. President Trump is cracking down on the massive Pedophile and Slavery rings based in Washington D.C. and other major hubs. President Trump is fighting for an end to Obamacare. Please support these efforts. Support all of us working for the Light. Thank you.

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