State of the Art World

I look to see what is going on in Los Angeles and elsewhere in the current art world. New at the Hammer Museum, "Radical Women, Latin American Art 1960-1985." The picture for the show is literally the face of a woman with "Limitada" on her forehead. "Limitada" in Spanish means, Limited, possessed, of little talent. Why would anyone put that on their forehead and call it art? I know, you may say in her current circumstances at the time she felt limited, yet is not that just enforcing the theme of limited, untalented, female artists? Why are we highlighting this? Yes, I contacted the Hammer Museum Director for assistance to put together an art proposal for my work and got a "no". They know is here.

This is not just a one-off either. The Moca "Museum of Contemporary Art" Gala of 2016 was disturbing to say the least. (Look it up on Youtube ~ sick, and not in a good way. The Broad Museum in Los Angeles contains over-sized artwork to make the participant feel small and insignificant. They do not accept any new proposals for art, nor have a very good collection of anything at all. I think it's the same "Broad" funding genetically modified vegetables we definitely do not want on our dining room tables...

We are engaged in a war where these minority "powers" or whatever you want to call them control the Media and control the Foundations, so PBS "Public Broadcasting Station" and others are equally as bogus. I am watching the series "GMO Revealed". I was astounded to learn that the seven amino acids our bodies cannot produce on it's own, are the seven amino acids cut out of Genetically Modified Food. Coincidence? To compound matters, Glyphosate, the ingredients of "Roundup" is a poison testing positive all over our earth. When I was Director of the Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains, I remember a vote whether to take a contract to use "Roundup" at Malibu Creek State Park to kill "non-native weeds", "invasive species", or whatever they are now calling plants they don't like (probably medicinals). I was the only one to vote "no". These poisons have been showing up everywhere killing our earth and water. It's time to say "no" now before all our food is tainted in some way, and our earth poisoned beyond repair.

The current culture run by the media and "entertainment" sources are highlighting people as stupid slaves craving violence and death food. What is more, they are demonizing our President, who we still believe will change our world for the better. They are so scared, all the darkness is coming up in hideous ways. Most of us are coming together and supporting each other to promote family values, peace, health, well-being, and true joy. Most of us see through the media lies and the harmful tactics of Big Pharma. Most of us will win the fight for a happy and positive future for all of us. I pray daily for those struggling with darkness in their lives. Without Jesus, this world not be a nice place to live.

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