I don't understand anything, I overstand it. ​​

Lately I was feeling like I don't understand anything. The shootings, the desperate lack of people, the harmful radiation purposefully sent out to cull the population. I'm taking the position of overstanding it.

In a world we NOW KNOW we have the capability of free energy for all, planting fruit trees in cities, food for all, ample space to create beautiful places for people, animals and the preservation and care of nature, AND the technology that will heal our air, land, oceans, lakes, and streams, THE GIG IS UP.

It's now my position to hold that position. I will be patient until the powers that be gain control of the truly evil powers in high places. Then we all can all kick back and live the life of joy we were created for. We can celebrate our leaders as the rockstars they truly are. All of us can create and give as the rockstars we truly are. What a feeling... (Flashdance soundtrack here) Take your passion and make it happen.

I think I am going to complete another painting series. Art with high investment quality now and in the future. I won't ask as as much for the paintings, so it won't be such a hard-sell. I have always been careful about what I create. The last thing I would want to do is to get lost in creating and wake up to find the world in shambles or headed that way and my art a part of it. Maybe I over-think. I am confident now is the right time for me to create anew.

When most of us are enjoying the present moment, and focused on the true light and love of God, we will have made it. When most of us collectively avoid geoengineered food, fluoride in our water, harmful vaccines, and will not participate in this ration of toxins we are being fed, the time is a happy one, focusing on the win/win for all life and the patient game of care to victory.

I am keeping the Faith, telling truth to power, and believing in the positive, joy-filled outcome that will be ours. A big mention and shout-out to Jesus. He is my over-soul that makes everything possible for me. God creates those everyday miracles. I'd hate for you to fall prey to hostile spirits, even for a moment. That is why I must share Jesus is my guide and protector. He is unconditionally loving, and supports our own self-mastery and immortal identity within God.

I'm praying for you, and praying for us all. We can do this.

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