Don't take it Personally, they hate all people.

The Southern California and Northern California fires I take very personally. It is no secret directed energy weapons were used. For now, the culprit appears to be some rogue element of the Military Industrial Complex that will not concede. It has come to my attention the enemy's end game is the destruction of all people. Somehow they have reached into the minds and hearts of certain individuals of power, and are still attempting to carry out their agenda of depopulation. Thankfully, people are coming together to combat this force, who is not of our kind, and frankly, does not know when to stop.

What can we do? Maybe we can all stop playing stupid as if that will keep us safe. 9/11 was an inside job that still has not been prosecuted. Geoengineering is poisoning our skies. Vaccines cause autism and harm our children. Our educational system lacks knowledge of the working truth of astronomy, the sciences, and is dumbing down our English.

Personally, the steps we can take are 1) Avoid GMO foods. 2) Avoid giving your children vaccines until vaccines can be proven safe. Home/cooperative school if necessary ~ this won't last long because the school system depends on YOU for their finances. As a side note, the reason contageous diseases have persisted is because our government has been allowing illegal immigration with no health monitoring whatsoever. 3) Avoid corporate anything. Example: purchase off-brands whenever possible for gas, food, and supplies. 4) Avoid all pharmaceutical drugs. 5) Tell the truth. Speak up when you see or hear something that is not right. 6) Avoid the transgender agenda (enough said) 7) Pray to God.

This is our "Fast Pass" to Victory. God Bless You this Christmas Season, now, and always. Remember how You are made in God's image. Remember how powerful You are. Pray for those who are suffering or in misery. Pray for our enemies. Pray, pray, pray when you temporarily cannot see a way out. Remember all is well, because it is.

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